MartinFederal Approved for JAMIS Prime | MartinFederal Consulting, LLC.

DCAAHuntsville, Alabama: MartinFederal Consulting, LLC (MartinFederal) has received approval from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) for its upgraded Accounting System, powered by JAMIS Prime ERP. “MartinFederal’s substantial growth required us to move from a small accounting system to a more robust ERP system,” says David Mathis Chief Financial & Operations Officer of MartinFederal. The JAMIS Prime ERP implementation occurred last year with the help of service provider Hall Albright Garrison and Barns. The JAMIS Prime’s modern cloud-based architecture allowed HAGB to share and distribute tasks with full reporting abilities.

“The JAMIS managed accounting system program allowed MartinFederal to transform to a true Government Contracting enterprise software system without having to lead and staff a system implementation team,” said Steve Brander, VP of Business Development for JAMIS Software. “Our plan from the inception was to transition MartinFederal from using HAGB as their accounting staff to learning the system themselves and bringing it in-house,” states Karen Farlow, CPA of Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes.

DCAA primarily conducts contract audit, pre-award audits, post-award audits, and business system audits. Companies are restricted from certain types of business unless their accounting system can meet strict requirements set forth by DCAA.

“Our growth has been exciting, and we could not afford to risk having an unapproved accounting system as our business grows, and we take on more challenging contracts,” says David Mathis, Chief Financial & Operations Officer of MartinFederal. “The JAMIS Prime system provided an excellent foundation to adequately meet our DCAA audit needs. Not only does the system ensure compliance, but the product will also expand our office capabilities as we grow. HAGB did a great job assisting with implementation and assisting in best practices, and our accounting staff was instrumental in understanding the system and staying up to speed on the DCAA requirements.”

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