Back to school – How to write a B2B technology press release

Have you got your pencil case at the ready and your school shoes polished for a brand new term at our public relations academy? If so, let’s get started on how the UK’s ROI PR industry leader[1] writes a headline grabbing B2B technology press release.

Regardless of the supersonic speed of breaking news tweets these days, the role of the humble press release has never been really usurped. It still remains one of the most important tools at your disposal as a marketing and public relations professional in B2B technology communications. Not only does it provide companies and clients with a strong format to present their news to the world, but it can also be used on their websites and various social media platforms.

When drafting a press release, there are four basic rules to follow.

1.     KISS – Keep it short and snappy

When announcing something new in retail tech[2], telecoms[3], broadcast technology[4] and many other niche sector titles, your press releases should be short and to the point. Use simple, straightforward language and be mindful when using industry jargon. Concise sentences will make it easy to read and understand – An ideal sentence length should only contain 8 to 10 words, anything more than 25 words and readers start to nod off.

2.     All hail the headline

Make sure to grab the reader’s attention from the second they open their email. A strong headline (and, for that matter, an effective email subject line when you send out the pitch) will pull in journalists seeking good stories. Your headline should be as engaging as it is accurate. Keep the reader engaged with a captivating first paragraph and you are on to a winner.

3.     Answer the right questions

When you write a press release, you need to answer the following questions: Whowhat, whywhere and when, and each one should be answered in the first paragraph. The how can be addressed in subsequent paragraphs.

Who – Who is involved (you, your customer, your partner etc.)? What – What is the news hook that is going to interest the reader? Why – Why is this important (to the rest of the world – not just your company or client)? Include hard numbers where possible to give weight to your story Where – Where is the news happening/taking place? When – When is this happening? Or has it already happened? How – How did this come about?

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